H E S H A M  M A L I K

Hesham Malik is a highly acclaimed artist of global recognition, renowned for his exceptional proficiency in contemporary modern art and design.

From an early age, he developed a keen interest in artistic creation. He successfully completed his education at the esteemed University of Waterloo in Canada, specializing in art and design at both the renowned Parsons School of Design and the prestigious Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

Hesham boasts an impressive portfolio of more than 100 individual exhibitions, establishing himself as a seasoned and accomplished artist. His artistic endeavors are centered around the exploration of the sensory aspects of art, with a profound dedication to capturing the narratives of individuals and the diverse tapestry of life across the globe.

Until the present time, Hesham is acknowledged globally for his noteworthy endeavor to provide assistance and education to children, as well as to encourage their artistic sensibilities. Despite having received an education in a highly esteemed setting, he maintains that the most effective instructor is the knowledge acquired through experimentation and mistakes.

The author’s receptiveness towards diverse cultures was enhanced through firsthand travel encounters, during which he resided in various locations among distinct communities in the Philippines, Iceland, Malaysia, Kenya, Iran, Tanzania, and others. This enabled the artist to amalgamate diverse art forms, resulting in the creation of novel styles and exceptional works of art.


I am of the opinion that individuals will comprehend the notion of a collective humanity, acknowledging that our similarities outweigh our differences. Furthermore, I believe that fostering bonds, mutual respect, and understanding among one another are crucial components in establishing a more tranquil and compassionate world, both presently and in the future.

I hold a great deal of admiration for the work and attitude of Hesham Malik. He is an artist who has successfully created art all over the world while remaining humble and willing to share his knowledge, even at his own expense. He has brought a unique style to our attention. I also appreciate his interesting integration of culture with education, deepening knowledge in a challenging subject for students. Hesham Malik has opened up new possibilities for us, allowing us to further explore these topics through workshops and other educational activities. Working with Hesham Malik is truly inspiring for us, and we hope to continue this collaboration in the future.

M.Sc. Kristýna Rottová

Director, Dobříš Museum

I was delighted to have had the opportunity to collaborate with Mr. Malik in organizing his exhibition. I view it as a great honor and an exceptional event. The experience was enjoyable for me, and I found the chosen theme of the exhibition to be personally enriching. The concept of “here and now” upon which the Ukiyo exhibition is based resonated deeply with me. Personally, I derive significant inspiration from Mr. Malik’s artistic expression and the vibrant energy of the opening, which we managed to successfully achieve.

M.Sc. Simona Divilová Zobačová

Director , Municipal Museum of Chrast

I was pleased to announce that Hesham Malik’s exhibition was showcased at the esteemed Regional museum in Jílové, renowned for its emphasis on historical and gold processing artifacts. This remarkable event has established a profound and symbolic connection between the rich history of gold and the realm of contemporary art. Hesham Malik’s paintings offer a fresh and innovative perspective on the artistic, educational, and narrative potential of this precious metal.

PhDr. et Mgr. Šárka Juřinová

Director , Regional Museum in Jílové

We have established a collaboration with Hesham Malik as a component of our school project, Stones of the Disappeared. Several fictional narratives have arisen from our collective efforts, with the students drawing inspiration directly from Hesham Malik’s artwork. Furthermore, we express our gratitude for Hesham Malik’s involvement in reading all the stories crafted by the students, exhibiting them alongside his paintings, and acknowledging the student’s efforts.

Františka Vandasová

Educator , Elementary school TRNKA Dobříš

When installing art objects within caves, it is imperative to consider the high levels of air humidity present. In the case of Hesham’s paintings, we have surpassed yet another technical limitation. This marks the first instance in history where artistic canvases have been exhibited within caves. Our caves have garnered a reputation as a distinguished exhibition hall among artists, with many visitors planning their annual visits to coincide with the exhibition. The enduring interest in the authentic fusion of nature and art continues to astound and delight me.

Barbora Šimečková

Head at the Zbrašovský Aragonite Caves

The traveling exhibition “Black Buddha” was on display at the Balcarka Caves and was a successful continuation of the fusion of fine art and the natural beauty of the caves. The concept is highly appreciated, particularly the works of Mr. Malik, which are truly exquisite. The installation within our cave, Balcarka, imparts a distinctive ambiance to the entire location and harmoniously complements the artistry of man and nature.

Eva Hebelkova

Head of the Balcarka Caves

Hesham possesses exceptional qualities as an artist, showcasing remarkable creativity and leaving a lasting impression. I firmly believe that his artistic style delves into the depths of the human psyche, drawing inspiration from both Eastern and Western cultures. Even in the contemporary art world, his work remains captivating and aesthetically pleasing. Art, in its essence, presents a formidable challenge to the cognitive faculties of our human intellect.

Jaeseok Choi , PhD Professor

Gyeongsang National University South Korea

In all sincerity, his yearning for unity mirrors the collective longing for tranquility. Driven by compassion, he engages in the art of painting with the intention of surpassing his own abilities. He fearlessly explores the realm of colors, yet remains unwaveringly focused. His restrained and intense selection of blacks, vermillions, and saffrons captivates the viewer, initially capturing their attention with an infectious enthusiasm.  

David Hewitt, PhD.


I am consistently astounded by his exuberant liberty in manipulating colors and techniques, rendering him an artist of unparalleled uniqueness. His creations compel observers to introspect through their profound impact. Undoubtedly, this contribution offers a crucial vantage point within the realm of contemporary art. Hesham’s extensive erudition, discerning perception, and benevolence collectively constitute his greatest strengths.

Dr. S. Kumar

Headmaster of Kingsmead School, London, UK

The level of intricacy present in Hesham’s artwork is truly astounding. The seamless harmony of colors and the meticulous attention to detail in his paintings are unparalleled in my experience. Hesham consistently astonishes viewers with his exceptional talent as an artist. 

Dr. Agrawal, Senior Researcher

Columbia University, New York, USA

The artistic creations produced by Hesham are profound and thought-provoking, possessing the ability to captivate one’s attention. Each image prompts contemplation of the emotions that the artist intends to convey. The works are imbued with a soulful quality, incorporating elements of romance. Hesham’s use of color and texture is exceptional, and his art never fails to captivate my interest. I am particularly drawn to his depictions of faces, as he is able to capture the perfect expression through the eyes. His work is truly inspiring.

Judy Amoah, Art Collector

East Kilbride, Scotland

Tradition and modernity, continuity and exposure, exquisite creations, and sensitivity are the primary constituents that captivated my attention. It is my fervent desire that individuals are afforded the opportunity to behold his artistic brilliance.

E. Fouache, Vice Chancellor

Sorbonne University, Paris, France

The modern contemporary art produced by the esteemed artist Hesham Malik is truly remarkable. Through the skillful integration of rhythm, colors, shades, situations, and the interplay of shadows, Hesham has masterfully crafted a unique artistic realm that is characterized by his metaphorical technique. 

Jeanine Laskar, Artistic Director – Impresario

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Being in the presence of Hesham’s artworks is comparable to perusing the chronicles of antiquity. His artistic creations, crafted with astuteness, cleverness, and a substantial infusion of affection, desire, and avarice. 

K. Pujara

President of the Women Economic Forum, London, UK

The esteemed storyteller, Hesham, has been presented with a unique opportunity to share his Egyptian mythic stories. If he chooses to depict them in the form of a mural today, his Egyptian art will endure for over a century. 

K. S. Shekhawat

Chairman of MATV, London, UK